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Glorious Gardens, Inc. is based in Memorial. To maximize the use of our time and minimize the cost and delays due to Houston's size and congestion, we only work in areas where we already have an established client base. Currently, we offer services in the following zip codes:

77005, 77006, 77019, 77024, 77025, 77030, 77043, 77057, 77077, 77079, 77082, 77401

Please note: Design and Gardening Consultations are offered on an hourly basis within the Greater Houston area. Consultations outside the Sam Houston Parkway may incur a portal-to-portal hourly rate.

Also, occasionally we are  made offers we just can't refuse at which time, we will go anywhere :)

Remember Glorious Gardens offers

1.  Design and Gardening Consultations - We can give you design and gardening advice for your own projects.

2.  Design, Install, and Maintain Gardens - It's all or none. We will only design a garden that we install and maintain. It is the only way we can GROW what we design.

3.  Maintenance Service - We aren't a lawncare or tree trimming service. We don't do one-time projects. What we do is regular (weekly) gardening chores: tend to annuals, perennials, and  ornamental trees and shrubs,  deal with disease and pest problems, and monitor the watering.



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