Quietly gardening in select Houston neighborhoods since 1993

CREATIVELYDESIGNED...Our gardens incorporate the client's wish list, respect the architecture and layout of the home and property, use plants and materials suited to Houston's climate, and are designed to live up to our name. You may think living up to a name like Glorious Gardens is a tough act. We consider it a challenge; one we take seriously, but enjoy, every turn of the trowel.



Maintainence is the heart of our company. What we install won't resemble the design we envisioned for about three years. While beautiful from the start, gardens must be grown, nurtured, and guided to reach their full Glorious Gardens potential. You can't grow a garden with sporadic visits; it requires weekly involvement, throughout the year. We will determine how much time and how many gardeners your project will need, but we will require weekly visits.





Gardening is a wonderful hobby. We applaud and support those of you who want to commune with nature, get some exercise, and express yourself in your garden. While many of you are knowledgable gardeners, we often hear about your frustration with the layout and overall decorative appearance of your garden. You want your work to be like a page in a magazine but don't know what to do.

We can help. Garden designer Norm Arnold will visit with you onsite to:

*  Discuss what you hope to accomplish

*  Take snapshots of the areas and mark them up with simple directions

*  Compile a list of  suggested plants and materials and sources for them

*  Help you understand how to work with colors, shapes, sizes, and textures

*  Learn to design with proper scale and proportions in mind

Just looking for sound horticultural advice? We can help there too. Norm is a native Houstonian who has gardened here since childhood. He has installed Glorious Gardens for 20 years. He knows what will grow here and how to find the answer to about any garden related problem you can throw at him.

Consultations are conducted on an hourly basis within the Greater Houston area. Fees for services outside the Sam Houston Parkway may incur a portal-to-portal rate.

Contact us now to book your consultation!



LOVINGLY PLANTED...We love plants and care about what we use. We make the best choices every step of the way to guarantee that our projects are not cookie-cutter installations filled with whatever is readily available.


METICULOUSLY MAINTAINED.Someone has to care for a new garden, especially in the beginning. Glorious Gardens will only design and install gardens that we are contracted to maintain. Our installations are beautiful from the start, but they are merely shadows of what is to come.


Design service is only available as part of our installation and maintainence package. We develop a 2-dimmensional CAD layout, and estimate the plants and materials and the labor that will be needed for your project. While the layout is an accurate depiction of the basic outline and footprint of the garden, the real creativity comes in the implementation and interpretation of the design. We are not landscape architects and therefore not qualified to make major elevation changes or deal with design and construction of hardscape features such as swimming pools, patios, decks, and other heavy construction jobs.



Installations are executed by a core group of Glorious Gardens employees and additional subcontract labor where needed. We only install gardens that we design. We know we are not just following a layout and sticking plants in the ground. We are applying the first brush strokes of our composition; tweaking the placements, modifying the plants and material choices as we go, and relying on our plant knowledge to provide the proper environment for the selections we make.

We love to work in beautiful gardens. If you already have one that just needs some regular attention, please let us help you. Have a garden that used to be beautiful, and you want it restored and kept that way? We can do it. The majority of our clients have been with us for five years or more, many for even longer. We exists to pamper your garden and protect your investment, for years to come..

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